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Check out some of the features of our facility where we make the magic happen. All machine work is completed in house from start to finish. We do not outsource anything. More to come soon! Let us know what you would like to see.


What's the saying? Boys and their toys? Well, this is a man's toy and we are thrilled to have it! 

The T&S BlockMaster allows us to machine any block, whether V8, V6, inline, 90 degree or 60 degree on the same setup with no extra fixtures or attachments necessary! We use this bad boy on the Stage 2 and up Coyote engines as well as most every other platform we support. 

And why? One word: precision.

This machine allows us to provide to you the attention to detail and precise machining that a race engine requires. This is the most recent addition to our machinery and we can't wait to find more ways to make use of it to give you the baddest race engine we possibly can.


Cleanliness is paramount when assembling any engine, much less one destined for a life of thrashing and abuse.

That's why as soon as the machining process is done on any block or head we touch we thoroughly clean the item and move it directly into our "clean room" also known as the assembly room.

Joe and AJ spend most of their time in here, putting the finishing touches on your powerplant. All of the necessary tools can be found exactly in their corresponding location. Everything is keep neat, tidy and organized. 

It's just one more aspect of the immense attention to detail that we put into every engine that comes through the door. 


Pictured here is the front of the shop and the machining floor where our experts work day in and day out running the equipment. From boring and honing to porting and polishing, the guys put in their all to ensure the best possible end result for you and your build.

Helping along the way:

- T&S Blockmaster

- Scledum RT17 Mill

- Sunnen CH100 Horizontal Hone

- Sunnen CRG-750 CBN Cap Cutter

- Sunnen CK10 Cylinder Hone

- Sunnen SV15 Cylinder Hone

- Sunnen DCB2000 Balancer

- Sunnen Bore Gauges

- Quick Way Valve Grinder

- Sunnen VGS-20 Seat and Guide Machine

- SRA30 Cylinder Head Assembly Bench

- 1340 Lathe

- Bridgeport Mill

- Aqueous Spray Washer

- Safety Kleen Parts Washers

- Miller Mig & Tig Welders  

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