Check out some of our FFRE-powered racers and their accomplishments and achievements using engines built in-house. We wouldn't be where we are today without these people and we wanted to dedicate this space to honoring them and what they've done.

If you have a FFRE powerplant and want to be featured on this page please reach out!




You probably know Brett with his Gotta Have It Green Coyote Mustang affectionately known as Snot Rocket, which has clicked off 6-second passes with an FFRE engine. Well, if you're not getting faster, you're falling behind. And Brett decided it was time to up his chassis game. Introducing the new SR 2.0. More of a purpose built car, we're excited to see Brett debut the car at FL2K in October and look forward to seeing how far he can push the platform.


Another member of the FFRE 6-Second Club is none other than the infamous Mike Reich a.k.a. MostH8D_Mike with his Coyote Mustang known as Say Sum. Mike has been terrorizing street car class racing across the country with his monster of a Mustang. Just take a look at all the Winner's Circle pictures he's racked up. Nothing speaks to your success as a racer as much as getting those big checks with your name on them.


The white Coyote Mustang built and piloted by Jim Braun is arguably just as impressive as the above two despite not eclipsing the 6-second barrier -- yet. Jim has been loyal to the 6R80 and battled with the transmission to get the car as quick and fast as it could be while still remaining extremely streetable. He also racked up quite a few wins along the way. Rumor has it that there is a new transmission coming to the party, so it may not be long until Jim joins his buddy Brett in the 6s.

BEST ET: 7.36@190.2 MPH

RACE WINS: FL2K21 True Street, Mod Nats 2018 6R80, Mod Nats 2019 Heavy Street, Backlash, Streetcar Takeover Bradenton
RUNNER UP: FL2K Street Car Shootout, Snowbirds Street Car Shootout, TX2K Street Car, SCT Atlanta, FL2K20 True Street 


A fresh build for an entrenched player on the scene belongs to none other than Christian Morillo, who is sporting our Stage 3 block and just put down more than 1,600 horsepower to the tire. We can't wait to see what Christian can do with it, considering he's already been running 7s and collecting hardware at events like TX2K.

BEST ET: 7.44@186.05 MPH


Next up is Nick's 2017 Shelby GT350 featuring a 5.2L Voodoo engine making 820 WHP and 624 TQ. The car is running a Magnuson Supercharger, Fore Innovations Return Style Fuel System running E85, and much more. Tuned by Lund Racing.


Yet another car anxiously waiting for its debut at FL2K in October, Charles Sidote's Coyote features our Stage 3 package and made 1522 wheel horsepower and 1078 foot pounds of torque on the dyno. This should be another contender for the crown in the Street Car Shootout class which is loaded with FFRE-powered cars all vying for the big check!


*DJ Khaled voice* Another one!  -- Michael Chambley's 2014 Mustang GT has one of our Stage 3 short blocks and has been doing work thus far on a 6R80. That hasn't stopped Michael from racking up 7-second passes and a win at TX2K in the street car class. Michael has done all of the work to the car himself in his garage at home, including a full custom single turbo kit featuring a Precision 8685.

BEST ET: 7.88@175
RACE WINS: TX2K20 Street Car Champ 


*BryanTT(Twin Turbo) aka @5oh2nv with Team MSR was one of the few competitive stick shift racers in the game with a stock motor running 8’s! This year he decided to turn the wick up with a sleeved short block from FFRE. His first outing with the new bottom end was this year at TX2K22. He qualified 5th in a 30-car field with a PB of 8.27 at 172 MPH and ended up winning the event in the stick shift pro class.

BEST ET: 8.27@172
RACE WINS: TX2K22, 352 Shoot out 2020, Speed Addicts 2020, SCT BMP 2019, Rumble in the Swamp 2021, FL2K Roll Race, Race Legal 2016

RUNNER UP: Mod Nationals 2021, TRC Armageddon 2018, Backlash 2018, FL2K Sport Stick 2020, Speed Addicts 2021, Horsepower Wars 2022, SCT ATL 2019



If you haven't heard of Cooper Bogetti yet, head over to YouTube already. You're late. Originally, Cooper had planned to put his Induction Performance / FFRE 2JZ in his MKIII Supra street car project but pivoted into mating it with an F-Body Camaro. And the rest, as they say, is history. Rattling off 7-second passes with the consistency of a bracket car, Cooper has shown just how dependable and fast our 2ZJ program can be without trying too hard. Cooper has been using the standard Stage 2 IP short block with nothing added or customized. After several seasons of thrashings, he's now upgrading. Check out his channel for more.

BEST ET: 7.80@176.56 MPH

RACE WINS: Sport Compact Evolution '21, Sport Compact Evolution '22

RUNNER UP: TX2K22, FL2K20, TRC Street Kings '21